When you need to change the academic schedule, reschedule a class, add a new learning experience, or change a topic or lecturer, you need to submit a request for a schedule change.  

We have worked hard to make the process simple, but there are still things you need to do.

To track your requests and efficiently process them, we use a web-based system called iSupport.    Through iSupport, we can track your request, manage the resources you use, and then schedule the room and support.    Thank you in advance for using the system!  

Click on the schedule change icon below to access the iSupport schedule change system:   


Job Aids for Using the Schedule Change System  



How does scheduling work in the MD Program?

The original schedules are developed by the course directors and coordinated centrally.    A draft schedule is produced and it is published.    From there, individual schedule change requests are required.  Schedule requests originate with the requester submitting the request through our schedule change system.   All requests are first routed to a central point.   Each day the requests are then routed again to the appropriate individuals for processing.    The schedule change is made and the confirmation of the change is emailed to the requestor.     Depending on the complexity of the request and general workload, the request takes between 1 and 3 workdays to process.