What will the next 50 years bring for the health of Hampton Roads?

Deliver on the Promise: The Campaign for EVMS

What is the promise?

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Yolanda Pretlow,
Master of Physician Assistant 2020

“I’ll be honest: I teared up a little at the white coat ceremony. It was amazing to put that white coat on, to hear about its history and what it means to have one. It means we’re junior colleagues in the field of medicine — a field I’ve always wanted to be in. And I’m especially excited to have a coat that says ‘EVMS.’”

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“The placenta is an incredible organ for the well-being of the mother and the baby, and, frankly, for the well-being of the population. If we can identify markers of future complications earlier, then potentially we can intervene earlier.”

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Alfred Abuhamad, MD
Mason C. Andrews Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Live. Learn. Serve. Repeat.

Training the next generation of healthcare providers is the heart and soul of EVMS. And those providers become the heart and soul of advanced care for the Hampton Roads community and beyond.

Invest in the next generation

The EVMS Lawrence J. Goldrich Institute for Integrated NeuroHealth

Est. 2020

Mr. and Mrs. GoldrichFind out how you can join Mr. and Mrs. Goldrich to deliver a healthier tomorrow.

Waitzer Hall [Named Fall 2018]

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Rendering of Waitzer Hall

Give patients new hope

Unable to afford health insurance, Joann Walker hadn’t seen a doctor in years. At her sister’s urging, she made an appointment at EVMS HOPES Clinic, the only free clinic in Norfolk and the first student-run free clinic in Virginia. Her meeting with Sam Lee, MD’19 changed her life.

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