Admissions and Enrollment Mission Statement

In keeping with the mission of Eastern Virginia Medical School of creating and fostering a diverse student body, the mission of the Admissions Office is to recruit and admit for the Schools of Medicine and Health Professions a qualified student population who come with diverse backgrounds, attributes, and experiences. 

EVMS Admissions will recruit future students including women, those who are traditionally underrepresented in medicine including ethnic and racial minorities, veterans and those with military affiliations, those from rural areas, and from disadvantaged backgrounds. We will utilize a holistic process in the consideration of applicants including prior academic achievement and other non-cognitive factors such as altruism, compassion, and empathy.

We will strive to provide outstanding service to prospective students, current students, and alumni by communicating the admissions procedures, requirements, and standards. The Admissions Office will employ admission processes grounded in integrity, efficiency, and transparency.

Art Therapy & Counseling Master's Program

Both personal characteristics and academic qualifications of applicants are evaluated to insure that students are capable of developing professional competence as art therapists.

Biomedical Sciences PhD Program

Applicants to the Biomedical Sciences PhD Program must have a bachelor's degree, should have competitive GRE and/or TOEFL scores and have prior lab experience in biology, chemistry and physics.

Biomedical Sciences Research Master's Program

Candidates must have completed all undergraduate degree requirements and have been issued a bachelor’s degree prior to matriculating as an EVMS student.

Doctor of Health Sciences Program

Prospects must have a master’s or doctoral degree awarded by a regionally accredited institution in the field of healthcare, education, management or related discipline.

Doctor of Medicine Program

EVMS requires academic excellence of those students admitted to the medical school. In recent years, students matriculating at EVMS have had a mean GPA of 3.50 and a mean MCAT of 513.

Healthcare Analytics Master's Program

Applicants to the Healthcare Analytics Master's Program must have a bachelor’s degree in science or related fields, with a grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Healthcare Delivery Science Master's Program

This program is designed for individuals with bachelor’s degrees in healthcare, education, management, or related discipline, working healthcare professionals, and foreign medical graduates.

Laboratory Animal Science Master's Program

Prospects must have successfully completed two semesters each of college-level biology and chemistry and one semester of mathematics, along with a minimum of three months of hands-on experience.

Master of Molecular Diagnostics and Precision Medicine

A baccalaureate degree in biology, chemistry, medical laboratory science, health sciences, or related health and scientific disciplines is required.

Master of Public Health Program

Application processes differ for matriculate (degree seeking) and non-matriculate (non-degree seeking) students.

Medical & Health Professions Education

The Medical and Health Professions Education master's degree program is designed to prepare educational leaders in various medical and health professions organizational settings.

Medical Master's Program

Prospects must have completed an undergraduate program with a grade point average of 2.75 (B-), have a MCAT score of at least 27 and two semesters of prerequisite science courses with labs.

Pathologists' Assistant Master's Program

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and must have completed two semesters each of general chemistry, organic chemistry and general biology as well as one semester each of mathematics and physics.

Physician Assistant Master's Program

The PA Program admits students only once a year (January). Applications are considered complete and reviewable after all admissions requirements have been met.

Reproductive Clinical Science PhD Program

Applicants must have a Master of Science degree in an accepted field and must be an established Clinical Embryologist/Andrologist with at least three years of embryology experience.

Reproductive Clinical Science Master's Program

Potential candidates must have completed all undergraduate degree requirements, a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 (B-) as well as two semesters of college level biology and chemistry.

Surgical Assistant Master's Program

Candidates must have completed all undergraduate degree requirements and have a B- or better in prerequisite courses. Prior medical and/or operating room experience is not a prerequisite.