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Artificial Intelligence Resources

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more recently generative AI tools such as ChatGPT are changing organizations and society. To assist faculty, staff and students to use these tools responsibly and ethically the EVMS AI Executive Advisory Workgroup has developed a series of guidelines and resources. Please check this information periodically as the technology and related resources rapidly evolve.

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Message from the President, Provost and Dean of the School of Medicine

Dear Members of the EVMS Community,

The advancement of publicly accessible generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), including tools such as ChatGPT, has been remarkable over the past year, signaling a paradigm shift in our approach to education, research and clinical practice. The trajectory of this technology, while not fully predictable, is clearly set to make a significant impact on our professional landscape. It is an opportune moment for us to engage with these tools, understanding and exploiting their potential within the frameworks of our institutional policies, which prioritize safety, security and academic integrity.

To facilitate this integration, I have initiated the AI Executive Advisory Workgroup. This body is tasked with developing a structured set of guidelines that will aid our faculty, staff and students in incorporating AI into their work. Moreover, it aims to identify the necessary infrastructure and resources that will support our AI initiatives and training programs. It also will serve as a platform to encourage ongoing dialogue and gather insightful feedback on the implications of AI for our institution's core mission.

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Governor Youngkin's Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

This executive order on Artificial Intelligence addresses the guidelines for AI integration throughout education in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

General AI guidelines

This guidance is for all employees to assist in how to use AI generated tools responsibly and ethically.

Teaching generative AI usage guidance

This is guidance for faculty about using AI for learners. It addresses how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI for teaching.

Research generative AI usage guidance

This guidance is for researchers and addresses how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI for research purposes.

Staff generative AI usage guidance

This guidance is for staff and addresses how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI for their daily work.

Clinicians generative AI usage guidance

This guide is for practicing physicians and addresses general principles for use of AI tools in their daily patient care.

Student generative AI usage guidance

Faculty may provide this student AI usage guidance in their syllabus. Unless the instructor has other guidance they prefer to use, we recommend including this guidance to students on the first day of class.

Generative AI usage in academic writing: Guide for students

This guide will primarily focus on how generative AI can generate text and its implications in the realm of academic writing for students.

AI resources