Services and core facilities

Biorepository and histology

The EVMS Biorepository collects, processes and stores biological specimens and associated data. It is accredited by the College of American Pathologists. The EVMS Histology Lab provides technical research pathology services to EVMS investigators and other academic, clinical and scientific organizations.

Edward E. Brickell Medical Sciences Library

The Brickell Medical Sciences Library has many resources for researchers, including library-assisted searches, access to multiple databases and research librarians, who are available to conduct literature searches and provide training in the use of information resources. Researchers can also take advantage of Institutional Review Board and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee support.

Research and Infrastructure Service Enterprise (RISE)

RISE develops collaborative frameworks for conducting translational research in areas such as healthcare analytics and delivery, population health, clinical trials and community health disparities.

Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The EVMS Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides access to flow cytometry instrumentation and expertise to support research at EVMS and throughout the community.

Junior Clinical Investigator Program (JCIP)

An integrated training program providing junior clinical faculty with an interest in academic medicine with opportunities to develop the skills and tools necessary to succeed.

George L. Wright Jr. Center for Biomedical Proteomics

Located within the Leroy T. Canoles Jr. Cancer Research Center, the George L. Wright Jr. Center for Biomedical Proteomics provides proteomics support to investigators in the Cancer Center and the general scientific community.

Microscopy and Imaging Core Facility

The EVMS Microscopy and lmaging Facility provides technical assistance and training in microscopy and image analysis to all faculty, staff and students. These services are available for a fee to outside institutions.

Molecular Core Facility

The Molecular Core supports research and education at EVMS by housing technologically advanced equipment for analysis of DNA, RNA and protein, such as an automated sequencer, a real time PCR machine, an Odyssey infrared scanner and a Gene Atlas Microarray System.

Core Facilities Brochure

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Core Facilities and Research Resources at EVMS

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Shared and specialized instrumentation

SpectraMax Fluorescence Plate Reader

The SpectraMax M5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader measures UV and visible absorbance, fluorescence intensity, glow luminescence, fluorescence polarization and time-resolved fluorescence (TRF). It is available to all researchers through user fees.

Seahorse Metabolic Analyzer

The Seahorse Extracellular Flux Analyzer simultaneously interrogates the two major energy producing pathways of the cell – mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis – in a microplate, in real-time. It is available to all researchers through user fees.

IVIS Lumina Imager (myPortal login required)

The IVIS Lumina XR is used to track bioluminescent and fluorescent signals in small animals. It is available to all researchers through user fees.

Core laboratory resource sharing agreement between Virginia research institutions

EVMS is one of seven academic research institutions in Virginia that signed a memorandum of understanding to share core facilities and resources in an effort to advance the research enterprise in the Commonwealth. 

Offices and departments

EVMS Research

EVMS Research provides coordination for research committees, organizes Research Day, administers intramural funding and assists with funding opportunities, research compliance and training.

Entrepreneurial Support

The Entrepreneurial Support effort at EVMS helps innovators and entrepreneurs to understand and validate the value proposition of their inventions and ideas with an eye towards small business startup activities.  We also foster connections with regional entrepreneurial activities and services, to include accelerators, seed and angel funding, and venture capitalists.

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer transfers intellectual property developed at EVMS to commercial partners so that the public will benefit from EVMS innovations and inventions.

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety provides assistance to faculty and staff working with hazardous materials such as biological and infectious organisms, hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials.

Employee Occupational Health

Employee Occupational Health provides services that promote a safe and healthy environment for faculty, staff, residents and students.

Institutional Review Board and Human Subjects' Protection

The Human Subjects' Protections Program oversees all aspects of human subject protection at EVMS, including administrative support of the Institutional Review Boards. 

Other resources

Funding (myPortal login required)

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