is a research faculty profile system designed to assist users with locating and connecting with EVMS research expertise or to find a research collaborator or research mentor.

In 2018, the EVMS Strategic Plan initiatives for Research were all designed to grow and support multidisciplinary research.
EVMS Research has launched one of those initiatives. The Researchers@EVMS research faculty profile site will help facilitate the formation of intra- and inter-institutional collaborative multidisciplinary research teams and to increase student participation in research. 

Visit the site Here.

If you would like to have a profile created on the system, please complete the following survey; 
Researcher Profile Creation Request

Once received, your profile will be created as soon as possible.

If you have a profile and need corrections made, please complete this survey;
Researcher Profile Correction Request


Features of the site

By integrating Researchers@EVMS with, users and site visitors may find this system helpful in two main ways:

  • It will help EVMS faculty and researchers from other institutions to easily identify and locate EVMS expertise for research collaborations
  • It will help students and other learners interested in participating in research to identify EVMS faculty expertise and locate faculty members who offer research opportunities

The site has many additional useful features. The video below contains a quick start guide on how to use the site.

A wealth of information about EVMS’s researchers is discoverable by simply clicking around on the various profile components. Access to this information via the Researchers@EVMS tool may prove to be timely and extremely helpful given the new COVID-related restrictions on conferences and other research gatherings.

The video below provides a full introduction on how to navigate the site and use the features.

For questions or more information, contact EVMS Research.