We promote and guide opportunities for the EVMS community to engage in healthy behaviors in a supportive and efficient work/learning environment at all levels of EVMS.

This mission will be accomplished through strategies that:

  • Cultivate and support a culture of organizational well-being by developing the strengths of the EVMS community (our individuals) through adapting practices that will result in sustainable vitality;
  • Encourage and facilitate individual well-being and resilience through providing opportunities to develop each individual's potential, strengths, vitality and adaptability.


We will create and sustain a healthy community at EVMS that educates, motivates and empowers all institutional members to engage in wellness and fulfillment.

Wellness Committee members

  • Serina A. Neumann, PhD, Co-Chair
  • Matthew R. Schenk, Co-Chair
  • Marta A. Ambrozewicz, MD, PhD
  • Paul F. Aravich, PhD
  • Caroline L. Bertolet, PhD
  • Stephen C. Brawley, MD, PhD
  • Chinacherem Chinaka
  • Meredith R. Clark, PhD
  • R. Clinton Crews, MPH
  • Kimberly K. Dempsey, MPA, PA-C
  • Catherine J. F. Derber, MD
  • Allison P. Knight, PhD
  • David C. Lieb, MD
  • Ruvi Makuni
  • Elza Mylona, PhD, MBA
  • Uma Senthilkumar, MD
  • Sami G. Tahhan, MD
  • David A. Taylor-Fishwick, PhD