Academic Calendars

Academic calendars outline important dates and holidays throughout the year. Each program at EVMS has a unique calendar.

Academic Development

Academic Development helps learners in the EVMS community develop and enhance their range of academic skills, strategies and behaviors needed to perform in academic and professional environments.

Books and Supplies

Students and prospective students can find books, supplies and EVMS apparel at EVMS Matthews Medical Bookstore.

Campus Housing

Campus Housing provides information to prospective and incoming students about our Applicant Housing Program as well as on- and off-campus housing options in the Norfolk area.

Career Advising

Career Advising provides EVMS students with resources to aid them in their career decisions.

Community-Engaged Learning

Community-Engaged Learning at EVMS integrates education, research and clinical training programs that are focused on building strong leaders in the health community and beyond.

Computer Standards

Each student must have a personal computer that meets minimum standards, capable of running software and applications used in a program's curriculum.

Diversity in Educational Programs

EVMS is committed to improving access to healthcare, providing more culturally competent care and reducing healthcare disparities, particularly among minority and underserved populations.

Edward E. Brickell Medical Sciences Library

The Brickell Medical Sciences Library provides information, resources and services to EVMS students, faculty, clinicians, staff and members of the Hampton Roads community.

EVMS Catalog

The Institutional Catalog is a guide to attending EVMS. It includes information about tuition and courses as well as available scholarships and how to apply.

Experiential Learning

Preceptors play an integral role in the educational experience, helping students perfect their skills in a real-world environment.

Global Health

Global Health advances EVMS' community-oriented vision by engaging in global health education, research and service in pursuit of health equity for all.

Higher Education Opportunity Act Consumer Information Disclosures

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 requires postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid to make disclosures.

International Students

Learn more about admission, translation services, visa requirements and student visa documentation requirements.

Living in Hampton Roads

EVMS serves the southeastern region of Virginia known as Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads is the 33rd largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the nation.

M. Foscue Brock Institute for Community and Global Health

The Brock Institute helps EVMS give back to the community and train community-minded physicians and health professionals by offering students meaningful learning, research and scholarship experiences.


The Registrar is responsible for maintaining the security and accuracy of all academic student records.

Safe Zone

Safe Zone aims to make campuses safer and more accepting environments for all members of the community, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

Student Disability Services

EVMS is committed to helping qualified students with disabilities reach their full potential by providing access to resources and reasonable accommodations.

Student Identity Verification

EVMS requires its distance education courses and programs to have a process to ensure that a student who registers in a distance or correspondence education course is the same student who participates

Student Leadership

EVMS encourages professional development through student involvement in national and local professional organizations, interest groups and club activities.

Student Policies & Handbooks

The EVMS Student Handbook outlines general information regarding student services, policies and facilities.

Student Wellness

Student Wellness is an integrated approach to student health and well-being.

Visiting Students

EVMS welcomes visiting students to take fourth-year electives here.