Art Therapy & Counseling

The EVMS Graduate Art Therapy and Counseling Program is a rigorous art, clinical and research-based program.

Biomedical Sciences Research

The Biomedical Sciences Research Master’s Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School provides students with laboratory experience and a strong foundation of biomedical science knowledge.

Contemporary Human Anatomy

This program integrates human gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology and embryology with medical imaging and simulation.

Dual MD & MBA Program

In this dual degree program, a student may receive both a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from EVMS, and an MBA degree from William & Mary Mason School of Business.

Dual MD & MPH Program

EVMS offers a dual-degree program, where students will receive both Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees.

Healthcare Administration

The EVMS Master of Healthcare Administration program is designed to teach the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Healthcare Analytics

Provides students with exposure to the computational and logistical skills to integrate, analyze and translate the results of health data.

Healthcare Delivery Science

Designed to prepare the students to enter the healthcare workforce with skills and knowledge that will enable them to develop and promote better healthcare delivery and practice.

Histotechnology, MS

A one-year master's degree program teaching students to prepare medical specimens used to diagnose disease or other conditions in clinical and research settings.

Laboratory Animal Science

The program meets the needs of veterinarian schools, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research and educational organizations for trained professionals in Laboratory Animal Science.

Medical & Health Professions Education

The Medical and Health Professions Education master's degree program is designed to prepare educational leaders in various medical and health professions organizational settings.

Medical Master's

‌The Medical Master's degree is a one or two year post-baccalaureate special masters program. The majority of the courses are medical school courses taken with first year MD students.

Pathologists' Assistant

The Pathologists' Assistant master's degree program is designed to meet the shortage of practicing pathologists in the health care arena.

Physician Assistant

The MPA Program is an accredited 28-month program that provides graduates the skills and resources to deliver health care as physician assistant leaders in an evolving health-care industry.

Public Health

The Program provides graduates with knowledge and skills that can be utilized in healthcare management, population-based research and the community practice of public health.

Reproductive Clinical Science

The Reproductive Clinical Science Master's Program is designed for clinical embryologists, andrologists, physicians, and others involved in the practice of assisted reproductive technology.

Surgical Assisting

‌‌‌‌The Master of Surgical Assisting, MSA Program provides a unique opportunity for students with a four year degree or higher to enter the specialized medical profession of surgical assisting.