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Programs and Organizations

In addition to the primary EVMS accounts, numerous organizations within the school community host social media accounts highlighting various specialties, interests and aspects of life at EVMS. Would your EVMS organization like to have a social media account? Apply here.

Aesthetic Center

Social media home for the only cosmetic program in Hampton Roads that includes physician expertise from three specialties: plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and dermatology.
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EVMS Alumni

Official social media page for the EVMS Alumni Association featuring events on and off campus.
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American Medical Student Association

Sharing messages from Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Chapter of the American Medical Student Association.
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American Medical Women's Association, EVMS Chapter

Amplifying the voices of its members to promote empowerment and equity for all.
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Art Therapy and Counseling, MS

Encouraging students to develop their identites at EVMS as world-class, culturally responsive and creative artist-therapists.
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Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely aims to empower patients to ask questions about their care and to encourage physicians to consider all of the data before ordering unnecessary tests. This is a private Facebook group.
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Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH)

The Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH) is a dynamic regional coalition of partners working to improve children's health in Hampton Roads.
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Emergency Medicine Interest Group

EMIG's goal is to increase interest and awareness of Emergency Medicine amongst students at EVMS. Open to any EVMS students in the MD, PA or health professions programs as well as residents. 
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Emergency Medicine Residency

Offical page of this EVMS three-year residency program offering hands on training at a Level 1 trauma center and experience in academics, community service, and rural and pediatric medicine.
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Family Medicine Residency

Featuring highlights of the lives and work of the Family Medicine residents in the school's hybrid academic and community program.
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Human Resources

Everything Human Resources related for Eastern Virginia Medical School.
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Internal Medicine (EVMSIM)

Internal Medicine (EVMSIM) trains the next generation of physicians to become compassionate, highly skilled clinicians and community leaders.
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Lifestyle Med Interest Group (EVMSImig)

Lifestyle Med Interest Group (EVMSImig) explores how lifestyle choices, especially diet, can improve health outcomes. 
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EVMS Loving Steps

EVMS Loving Steps offers a free and voluntary program that provides prenatal & parenting resources & support to Norfolk & Portsmouth, VA residents through virtual home visits.
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Master of Public Health

The EVMS MPH Program trains students to equip them with foundational and dynamic public health knowledge and skills for serving health needs of populations to improve the public’s health.
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Military Medicine

Forum for medical students and military physicians at EVMS
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Minus 9 to 5

An initiative of the Brock Institute for Community and Global Health and Department of Pediatrics at EVMS focusing on coordination of programs and services for families and their young children. 
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An academic and advising resource to EVMS medical sciences students interested in a profession in neurology, its sub-specialties or overlapping fields including psychiatry and rehabilitation medicine.
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Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency

Join us in our commitment to improving outcomes in women's health.
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Otolaryngology Residency

Fascinating examples of work and focus on the lives of our otolaryngology residents whose training prepares them to excel in ear, nose and throat practice and subspecialties as educators, researchers and clinicians.
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Pathologists' Assistants

A connecting place for students and graduates of the Pathologists' Assistant program 
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Physician Assistant Students for Inclusion & Diversity (PA-SID)

Physician Assistant Students for Inclusion & Diversity at EVMS(PA-SID) works to promote change and start the conversation.
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Social media home for the only cosmetic program in Hampton Roads that includes physician expertise from three specialties: plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and dermatology.
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EVMS Remedy

Recovering Medical Equipment for the Developing World is a student group that limits medical resource waste by redistributing equipment.
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Student Government Association

Keeping students of EVMS informed about extracurricular activities and student government sponsored events.
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Student National Medical Association, EVMS Chapter

Offering information and opportunities from the EVMS chapter of the Student National Medical Association.
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Sharing events, information and news about the surgery program.  
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Ultrasound Club

The mission of this club is to promote, encourage, and strengthen the use, understanding of, and skill set related to the use of ultrasound in the medical student curriculum.
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