Social Media

Marketing and Communications is responsible for creating and maintaining pages and profiles across all social-media channels. Students, faculty and staff can connect to EVMS through its official social-networking pages. We share news from the school, upcoming events and current health news, as well as photos and videos about our faculty, staff, students and supporters. Fans are welcome to comment on our posts, engage in discussions and post content of their own.

Like EVMS on Facebook: One of the largest social-networking sites, Facebook allows users to interact with people and organizations. It's a platform EVMS uses to share news, inform the community of events and share photos and videos. Fans can comment on posts, join discussions and add content of their own.

Follow us on Twitter: Twitter is a way to communicate quickly with a large audience. Twitter messages -- or "tweets" -- are limited to 140 characters and tend to be more instantaneous than other social media messages. People can follow other Twitter users to keep track of developing news and other pieces of worthwhile information.

Watch us on YouTube: YouTube, the most popular video-sharing website, allows people to view and share clips generated by other users and to post their own videos. EVMS has developed its own YouTube channel, where it shares stories from faculty, students, staff, patients and supporters.

See us on Flickr: Flickr is a photo-sharing website that makes it easy to share pictures with nearly anyone. EVMS posts a wide variety of images from campus events, as well as snapshots of life around the medical school.