At Eastern Virginia Medical School, we are dedicated to improving the health and the lives of our surrounding communities. During their experience in Community-Engaged Learning (CEL), Medical and Health Professions students enhance their skills in providing community-based healthcare services through medical outreach activities, medical and community education, specialized medical training, and other service-based opportunities to engage with the community. Our students are always looking for creative ways to address the needs of the populations we partner with and often look to groups and organizations in the community to help increase our impact. Our community partners include businesses, faith-based institutions, colleges, community groups, civic organizations, non-profit organizations and other networks that want to make a collective difference. Involvement takes many forms, and whether you are looking for a one-time event or a longstanding partnership, our initiatives can often be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

Below you will find resources to connect with CEL and find ways to impact our shared communities. Click here to learn more about CEL and our current programs.

Partner Resources

Community Resources Application

CEL is dedicated to continue to provide resources to our new and existing community partners. Funds awarded through the Resource Application are not limited to organizations currently affiliated with EVMS. Resources may include, but are not limited to: advocacy, fundraising, volunteerism, monetary awards, etc. If your organization would like to apply for CEL resources, please complete the Community-Engaged "Goodness of Fit" Application.

Initiative Facilitator Application

Our community and faculty facilitators are the driving force behind the success of our initiatives. If you would like to become a facilitator, please complete the Community-Engaged Learning Facilitator Application.

Volunteer Opportunities (Physicians Only)

To become a provider in one of our clinical initiatives (HOPES student-run free clinic, or Street Health), please email . Through our initiatives, physicians, residents and physician assistants are able to mentor and assist EVMS students in providing healthcare to vulnerable patients of the Norfolk and Portsmouth communities. Providers across numerous specialties currently volunteer in our clinical initiatives and have the flexibility to choose a schedule that suits their availability.

If you are an existing community faculty member, visit Community Faculty Privileges to learn more about additional benefits for volunteering.

To volunteer in Clinica Esperanza, our Spanish-speaking clinic, please contact CEL at for more information.

Contact a Team Member

For questions on student engagement or availabilities, please contact CEL Assistant Director Alena Stewart.

For questions on how to become a community partner, please contact CEL Outreach Coordinator Emily Terifay.

For questions on CEL resources, please contact CEL Coordinator Bryan Daulton.

For any questions or concerns about student involvement or perceived problematic behavior, please contact CEL Director Maryanne Gathambo

Contribute to a Specific Initiative

Your gift to Eastern Virginia Medical School is a testament that you believe in the values and mission of the school. The EVMS Foundation is a not-for-profit created to provide support in fulfilling the mission and the vision of the EVMS. Your generosity has a tremendous impact on our students, our faculty, our programs and our community.

They are many payment options to fund your gift:

  • Credit card
    Make a one-time gift using our secure online donation form. This form can be used to make an honor or memorial gift.
  • Pledge form
    By planning your commitment with a pledge, you can complete your gift by making regular payments over time.
  • Host a fundraiser
    You or your organization can host a fundraising event to benefit a program or research center at EVMS.
  • Gifts-in-kind
    Non-cash donations of materials or long-lived assets that serve to further the mission and purposes of CEL initiative may be accepted by EVMS Development if accompanied by adequate documentation of the purpose, nature, and approximate value of the gift. Such gift shall be reported at $1 unless the donor submits an independent appraisal and an IRS Form 8283 to substantiate the fair market value of the goods donated. If you would like to consider giving a material donation, please fill in the form with a description of the item and we will get back to you.