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Artificial Intelligence Guidelines and Resources

To assist faculty, staff and students to use these tools responsibly and ethically the AI Executive Advisory Workgroup has developed a series of guidelines and resources.

Message from the Executive Vice President, Health Sciences

Dear Members of the Community,

The advancement of publicly accessible generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), including tools such as ChatGPT, has been remarkable over the past year, signaling a paradigm shift in our approach to education, research and clinical practice. The trajectory of this technology, while not fully predictable, is clearly set to make a significant impact on our professional landscape. It is an opportune moment for us to engage with these tools, understanding and exploiting their potential within the frameworks of our institutional policies, which prioritize safety, security and academic integrity.

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General Guidelines

Explore our comprehensive guidelines on the ethical use of AI on our campus. These guidelines cover AI's definition, principles for ethical use, data control, and continuous learning. They emphasize respect for individual rights, inclusivity, human oversight, and cybersecurity in AI applications.

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Resources, Training Opportunities, and Tools