The goal of this initiative is to promote healthy pregnancies through one-on-one partnerships between at-risk pregnant women and medical students who can help them navigate the journey to a healthy pregnancy. Students will provide support to expectant mothers by accompanying them to prenatal appointments at EVMS and regularly communicating with mothers to identify any challenges that may arise. Students will celebrate successes throughout the pregnancy and newborn period.

Pregnancy is the gateway to future health of both mother and baby. This initiative will help increase awareness and access to resources to ensure a healthy pregnancy, delivery and transition to successful home life with a newborn.   Students will develop empathy, effective communication skills and early awareness of the unique challenges that arise when caring for patients from underserved communities.

This is a great way to work towards EVMS' vision of producing physicians who strive to improve the health of the community, one pregnancy at a time.

Students will:

  • Describe fetal development and normal changes in pregnancy
  • State the character and pattern of prenatal visits
  • Describe obstetric pathologies and emergencies and outline typical responses
  • Recognize complications in pregnancy
  • State the signs of miscarriage
  • Describe the various stages of labor
  • Describe the "Fourth Trimester"
  • Define the clinical indications of postpartum blues versus postpartum depression

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