The LIFT Staff enjoying a happy moment.

When homeless individuals began showing up at activites for Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios, the Virginia Beach studio's owners realized how valuable their business' services could be to the homeless. They created LIFT Fitness Foundation, a nonprofit providing nutrition, fitness and job placement training and services to the homeless and those in need.

LIFT's mission is to empower individuals in need by creating a foundation of wellness for the body, mind, and spirit. LIFT provides a wellness program including exercise and nutrition education sessions paired with motivational and thought provoking group discussions.

Common student volunteer roles include:

- Assist with health and fitness assessments          - Exercise with and support participants during workouts

- Provide feedback on participant journals             - Take attendance and pedometer readings at sessions

- Assist participants with medical history               - Participate in group discussions, offering insight where appropriate

- Assist LIFT with measuring program outcomes through data analysis and collection

- Write letters of encouragement to participants to be distributed at graduation celebration

Click here to report your service hours for LIFT.

For additional details on LIFT, click here to download the handout.

You may also contact Community-Engaged Learning or faculty lead Brett Campo, M.S.A.E.S., ACSM CPT for any additional questions.

Exercise at Project LIFT

Project LIFT trains homeless clients sustainable exercise skills.

The LIFT program teaches and motivates homeless individuals towards sustainable exercise and nutrition skills.

Athletes are also taught nutrition and shopping skills.