Student Affairs is the student connection to the incredibly diverse community of resources, services, and opportunities at Macon and Joan Brock Virginia Health Sciences at Old Dominion University. The department is here for students, committed to the success of every student and complements and enhances the academic curricula of Brock Virginia Health Sciences.

Here students can connect with leadership, advance academic skills, access wellness resources, gain experience addressing health disparities in the community, engage with student events and organizations, access important student life resources, and get assistance dealing with obstacles. Student resources throughout the medical and health professions community are promoted or housed within Student Affairs to fully meet the needs of medicine and health professional students.

The Student Affairs staff is well-trained, and the programs, services and initiatives are designed to help students successfully transition into medical and health professions careers as contributing civic minded members in a global society.

Mission Statement

Student Affairs exists for the purpose of student success. The department administers, resources and services enhancing the quality of student life by creating an environment that supports student academic, physical, emotional and social development while encouraging students to develop their abilities to the fullest. Committed to this idea, the office complements the medical and health professions academic programs by providing services that help students to enter, enjoy, excel and exit from Brock VHS. Students are supported in developing their academic, interpersonal, leadership and career related skills while assisting with educational, personal, health and social challenges.

The department provides an environment conducive to scholarship and achievement furthering student success and in support of the mission and vision of Brock Virginia Health Sciences.

Student Complaints

The Student Complaints webpage explains the options and procedures for student complaints and grievances, both academic and non-academic.

Title IX

In accordance with our policies and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as amended, Brock Virginia Health Sciences does not discriminate on the basis of sex and is committed to providing its educational programs and activities in an environment that is free from both sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

Visit the Office of the General Counsel's website to learn more about Title IX and the Brock Virginia Health Sciences Non Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy. Students can also learn about the Title IX Coordinators and how to make a report.