The EVMS Student Wellness Program is made up of four separate parts consisting of the primary healthcare, student mental health, occupational health and voluntary health insurance offered through UnitedHealthcare. 

Primary healthcare, which is covered by your student fees and is offered independently from your health insurance, is supported by EVMS Family and Community Medicine. Detailed information about these services is available by clicking on the links below:

The EVMS Student Health Insurance plan is offered by UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, underwritten by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company.

Coverage is effective August 1 of each academic year and continues thru July 31. 

Each year, all full-time registered students are automatically enrolled in the EVMS Student Health Insurance Plan and their student accounts are charged for the premiums unless the online waiver is completed attesting that comparable coverage is in place.

Students who enroll in the United Healthcare Plan must be seen at Ghent Family Medicine before seeking care outside of the student's assigned site. Failure to do so will result in denial of claims. Student site questions should be directed to

Those students who wish to waive the Student Health Insurance must do so by completing the online Student Health Insurance Waiver. An online waiver must be completed each academic year.

Student Health Insurance Waiver Information

Students that wait until the end of the waiver period to be default-enrolled will not be able to create an account with UHC or print an insurance card until the end of the waiver period. At the close of the waiver period, a report will be provided to Financial Services, and student accounts will be adjusted accordingly. 

If a student fails to complete the waiver or is denied due to inadequate existing coverage, the fee will stand, and the student will be covered by the EVMS Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan.

Dependent Coverage

Students may purchase coverage for their dependents by creating a UnitedHealthcare account and following the instructions to enroll dependents. Dependent coverage is purchased directly through UnitedHealthcare and is not billed thru the Student Disbursement Account.

In addition, UnitedHealthcare Student Health is offering the UnitedHealthcare Dental PPO Insurance Plan. You can choose to visit a participating or non-participating dentist for care. Contact United Healthcare for complete enrollment information at 800.767.0700.

Please contact Human Resources if you have questions or concerns.