This information is specifically for Health Science Center students admitted before the academic year 2025-2026 only.

When a student is not local, they must complete the following to process the Emergency Student Loan (ESL) by email with scanned documents or fax:

Review, sign, and date the "Emergency Loan Request" (print the form to sign and date).
      Please note: if an ESL is being scanned to email, only include the last four digits of the borrower's social security number on the request form.
  • For repayment with Financial Aid proceeds, please check the "Federal Financial Aid" box in the "method of payment" section.
  • For repayment with a personal cash payment, please indicate "personal" in the "method/means of payment" section.

Review the "Emergency Loan Promissory Note."  Complete and sign the "Emergency Loan Promissory Note" in the presence of a Notary Public to have this form notarized.

  • If you are repaying the note with a personal cash payment only, you are not required to complete page 2 of the Student Emergency Loan Promissory Note.
  • For questions on how to complete the Promissory Note (repayment term and which semester to choose), please contact the Financial Aid Office.
For ESL approval, scan and email the completed forms to or fax them to 757.446.7993.
      Please note: if any item is illegible, left blank, or omitted, this could delay the processing of the ESL request and/or proper delivery and
  • Within 2 business days, a Financial Aid representative will notify the borrower of the ESL's approval, denial, or if additional information is required.
  • Upon Financial Aid's approval, the ESL is then sent to the Student Loan Officer (SLO) for processing. Processing occurs within 24 hours. 

The Student Loan Officer will send a notification to the student's email account when an ESL is physically available for pickup. This email will include dates and the location for pick up.

  • To have an ESL mailed, please respond to the ESL notification email sent by the SLO with the address the check should be mailed.
  • An ESL will not be released to, or mailed to, anyone other than the borrower.

Should you have additional questions, please contact:

Financial Aid