Admissions Information

The PA Program admits students each year in January. Applications are considered complete and reviewable by the Application Screening Committee after satisfactorily accomplishing the following items:

ITEM 1: Review the MPA Admissions Guidelines (pdf)
This booklet will cover in detail the admissions process for our program.

ITEM 2: Complete the CASPA Application
This initial application is administered by the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants. 

ITEM 3: Complete the EVMS MPA Supplemental Application
This application can only be submitted when all pre-requisites are satisfactorily completed.  

ITEM 4 (starting for the 2018-2019 application cycle): Complete CASPer Test
More information is located here

NOTE: The supplemental application may not be submitted until you have completed ALL pre-requisite courses and have a final grade on the official transcript to self-report. 

 Additional information is available in the following sections:

  • Admissions Updates
    Find out about any significant changes to the application process or requirements expected for the current or subsequent application cycles
  • Admissions Requirements
    A brief checklist outlining the major categorical requirements to apply to the physician assistant program at EVMS.
  • Admissions Process
    Information about the timeline and application cycle overview.
  • Consults & Campus Tours
    Information about opportunities to meet with admissions staff to discuss the strength of your application and tour the campus with current students.


Important Phone Numbers 

PA Program                                 757.446.7158   
School of Health Professions - 
       Office of Admissions & Enrollment
Financial Aid 757.446.5804
Diversity in Educational Programs 757-446.5869
Disability Compliance 757.446.5638