Occupational wellness is the interest in developing your skills to improve your work and in finding fulfillment in your work.

EVMS Wellness provides opportunities for its employees and students to develop their skills as professionals. EVMS has resources on topics, including:

  • Meaning in work
  • Work-life integration
  • Strategies for efficiency
  • Goal-setting
  • Handling multiple priorities

Professional fulfillment is an important part of any employee's life and career. Four important elements of professional fulfillment are that your career fits your values, helps you find meaning, allows for resilience in the face of challenges and promotes your vitality.

Faculty can develop themselves in their professions through:

Leadership coaching is available for residents and fellows, in addition to mentorship from program faculty.

Residents and fellows can also participate in professional societies and attend conferences, often as part of their programs, to learn from experts in their fields.

Staff can pursue professional training and certifications in their fields.

EVMS' Tuition Waiver Program allows staff members to enroll in a Health Professions program to grow their skills as health professionals.

Students can join chapters of professional societies and meet leaders in their fields at conferences.

Our faculty often serve as mentors to students as they navigate their career paths.