The Institutional Wellness Committee (IWC) oversees a comprehensive and coordinated program for wellness-focused activities targeted to be responsive to all individuals in the EVMS community.

Members are knowledgeable about current issues and perspectives on wellness and well-being for academic medical centers. They support and engage in wellness activities as well.

Member roles and responsibilities

The EVMS IWC accomplishes its mission using a diverse group of members providing a broad representation of the institution. Committee members may be invited to a system of subgroups organized around the primary functional areas of institutional wellness. Committee members represent their respective areas of work and function(s) (e.g., departments/programs/units) and provide subject matter expertise critical to the IWC effort. They perform the function of developing the goals and objectives that are core to the EVMS wellness mission.


  • Richard Handel, PhD, Institutional Wellness Officer, Co-Chair
  • Renee Morales, MD, Co-Chair
  • Matthew Schenk, Vice-Chair
  • Marilyn Bartholmae, PhD
  • Mark Caramore, MD
  • Thomas Chu, MD
  • Catherine Derber, MD
  • Alison Dobbie, MD
  • Rick Ellis, EdD
  • LaConda Fanning, PsyD, LPC
  • Jennifer Flaherty, PhD
  • Cory Gerwe, Phd, LPC
  • Matthew Herman, MPH, CHES
  • Allison Knight, PhD
  • Colby Kravchak
  • Jonathan Mark, MD
  • Shannon McCole, MD
  • Nancy Morewitz, MD
  • Kala Perkins-Holtsclaw, EdD
  • Lauren Roten, MS
  • Wendy E. Schofer, MD
  • Julia Sharp, PhD
  • Lori Shelton, MMS, PA-C
  • Stacy King Slat, MD
  • Anna Stamas, DO
  • Peter Volsky, MD
  • Mary Westbrook
  • Glenn Yap, PhD
  • CJ Steines, Committee Coordinator