Our Resident Wellness Program aims to promote the well-being of residents and fellows during their training at EVMS. This is a resident-driven program with members from the EVMS Resident and Fellow Association (RAFA) and from focus group participants that helped in the development of this program design.

The goal of the wellness program is to provide residents with practical stress coping strategies that involve one-on-one, small group or large group experiences. The following are components of the Resident Wellness Program:

In addition, EVMS Human Resources offers Wellness Works resources that are available to all residents and fellows.

For more information on our Resident Wellness Program, please contact program coordinator Dr. Caroline Bertolet at 757.446.6190 or bertolcl@evms.edu.

Leadership and Wellness Coaching

We aim to provide residents and fellows with effective personal and professional coping strategies while they manage the range of responsibilities within their training experiences. This professional training span of seven to ten years is often described as the most stressful for even the most resilient trainees. While mentorship from program faculty is available, often faculty in academic medical settings are overextended to meet their own teaching, supervision, clinical, research and administrative responsibilities. We offer leadership coaching to fill that gap.

On average, residents and fellows meet with their coaches for five sessions. While coaches are trained counselors, leadership coaching differs from counseling in a number of key ways, particularly in its emphasis on developing effective strategies to help trainees overcome obstacles. We also offer additional counseling for trainees who are interested.

At this time, program directors can refer residents and fellows, or trainees can refer themselves. For more information about leadership coaching, please contact program coordinator Dr. Caroline Bertolet, Ph.D.

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Educational Groups

The resident and fellow educational groups have been designed to assist in developing personal and professional coping strategies to manage the complexity of balancing the humanistic element of compassionate patient care as a physician. The following are the educational groups that will be facilitated by leadership coaches from the Old Dominion University PhD Counselor Education and Supervision program.

Couples in Medicine

The Couples in Medicine group is designed to build community and support for spouses and significant others that have a loved one who is a resident or fellow trainee at EVMS. The group is co-facilitated by a spouse of a resident or fellow. They work on pulling together the activities and social events for this group annually. The current faculty sponsor for the group is Dr. Anke Hacker.

Final Rounds

Final Rounds is a monthly gathering (first Thursday of the month) for residents and fellows to explore challenges related to loss of patients and other difficult challenges. All residents and fellows are invited to attend. If you have questions about this group, please contact Dr. Marissa Galicia-Castillo.

International medical graduates (IMGS)

This group focuses on helping residents and fellows develop coping skills related to acculturation stress as international medical graduates training in the United States. The group meets periodically throughout the year. Each group session will have a topic focus for discussion with members sharing experiences and resources with group members. To sign up for this group, contact Dr. Caroline Bertolet.

Professional and personal development

In this group, residents and fellows prepare to balance the complexity of patient care, effective communications skills and personal development. Each group session will have a topic focus for discussion, individual assessment, small group discussion and members sharing experiences and resources with group members. For more information about including this educational series in your program, contact Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage.

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Residents and Fellows Association (RAFA)

The Residents and Fellows Association (RAFA) is dedicated to the academic success, professional enrichment, community service and strengthened camaraderie of EVMS' residents, fellows and interns. We are served by an Executive Board, who are supported by the institution, Graduate Medical Education, program directors and program coordinators.

Our intent is for the association is to serve as forum for connecting across residency programs and addressing issues relevant to our academic and clinical environments.

Join our Facebook group for updates.

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Counseling services

EVMS is sensitive to the personal issues that affect our employees. That is why we are happy to provide employees with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that can help you and your family with work-life concerns at no cost to you. To access EAP counseling services, call 757.363.6777.

For additional counseling resources, our Hampton Roads Counselor List includes various practices in Hampton Roads that offer after-hours appointments (after 5 p.m. and weekends). Using the additional counseling services will require insurance verification, co-payments and/or self-pay options. Call each practice for details.

For more information, please contact program coordinator Caroline Bertolet at 757.446.6190 or bertolcl@evms.edu.

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Support U

Work can be stressful, especially in a hospital. Even the most experienced professionals can be affected by traumatic events or become overwhelmed by the ongoing daily stress of doing their jobs.  The Support U team is made up of EVMS peers who are available to offer reassurance and support to providers that may need help.  The service is free, confidential, and available when you need it. If you are experiencing emotional stress from a traumatic event or unexpected outcome and need help, contact SupportU@evms.edu

We are always in need of peer supporters.  Please contact Caroline Bertolet, bertolcl@evms.edu , to sign up for the peer-supporter training.

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