EVMS is soliciting applications for the Tuition Waiver Program (TWP) designed to help faculty and staff further their professional development and educational endeavors. The program will support the new enrollment of faculty and staff in several of the School of Health Professions educational programs (doctoral, graduate, and graduate certificate programs).  The TWP embraces the values expressed in the EVMS mission and diversity statement about creating and fostering a diverse and cohesive faculty, professional staff and student body as the surest way to achieve our mission.

Enrollment will be on a space-available basis as determined by the Vice President and Dean of the School of Health Professions and will be subject to an application and acceptance process.  Acceptance into the TWP has four conditions: The applicant must be a full-time EVMS employee; have department chair or supervisor approval; provide a professional development plan that demonstrates how the degree/certificate will help the faculty or staff member achieve her/his professional goals and advance the missions of the department and the institution; and fulfillment of the admissions requirements for the desired program.

Applicants should note that the tuition waiver will result in taxable income to participants equal to the value of the waived tuition. Further, participants must agree to remain employed with EVMS during their time in the program and for an additional time equal to the length of their enrollment in the program. Participants will have to sign an agreement to repay the waived tuition if they leave EVMS employment prior to completing a year-for-year payback based on continued employment at EVMS.


Parties interested in participating in the TWP must follow a three-step process.  Applicants must:

  1. Fulfill all admission requirements for the desired Doctoral, Master’s, or Graduate Certificate
  2. Complete and submit a GradCAS application and all required documents per the program's admissions requirements. *In addition, applicants must submit the following documents with their application:
  • A written description of how enrollment in the desired program will support your professional development and goals and the missions of your department and the institution (this is a separate requirement from the application essay)
  • A current curriculum vitae or resume
  • A letter of support from the department chair/supervisor (this is a separate requirement from the 2 letters of recommendation required for the application)

Technical issues with the GradCAS application process should be submitted to the GradCAS Applicant Help Center.  Questions regarding the TWP should be sent to Thalia Pol at polt@evms.edu.

The application window will open again May 2023.


The TWP includes five graduate certificate programs, which usually involve five graduate courses in the subject area and result in the awarding of a graduate certificate. The waiver program also includes three master’s programs, which typically require two years of study, and Three doctoral programs, which typically require three-to-four years of study.

The following programs are included:




The criteria include an assessment by the applicant and his/her department chair/supervisor concerning how the educational program will support both the applicant’s professional development and the goals of the department and institution.

Yes, applicants need to fulfill all the requirements for admission to the certificate or degree program.

An assessment committee composed of the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, the Vice President of Administration and Finance, the Associate Vice President of Human Resources, and the Vice President and Dean of the School of Health Professions will review applications and select participants.

Faculty and staff who are selected will have to sign a professional development agreement obligating them to continue EVMS employment for a period equal to the length of their program (for example, a two-year program will result in a two-year obligation). If an applicant does not complete a program or has delayed completion, he/she will be obligated to maintain employment at EVMS for a period equal to the time enrolled in the program.  The obligation period will include any Leave of Absence time taken during the program. If a faculty or staff member leaves before fulfilling the employment obligation, he/she will be required to reimburse EVMS for the entire amount of tuition that was waived.

If a student takes longer to complete the program and pays for the continuance credits themselves, then this time is not factored into the time owed EVMS.

No. A department chair/supervisor may provide a limited amount of study time within the regular workweek, but there is no obligation from EVMS to provide such study time. Completing the study requirements for a graduate certificate or degree program is an individual responsibility understood to be outside of regular work time. It should be understood that the institutional priority is on the successful completion of EVMS operations.

If I am selected into the tuition waiver program what am I financially responsible for?

  • $125 application fee
  • Any fees associated with the Educational Program invoiced to the employee at the beginning of each term.
  • $60 application fee
  • Any fees associated with the Educational Program invoiced to the employee at the beginning of each term
  • Please remit payment in person at Waitzer Hall, 910 C, Suite 967 or to the following mailing address:

    Attention: Accounts Receivable
    Waitzer Hall, 910 C, Suite 967
    P.O. Box 1980
    Norfolk, VA 23501

Any taxable portion of the Program Tuition will be reported as wages and included on the Employees’ IRS form W-2. This means your taxable income will increase by the amount of your tuition benefits and the increase in tax withheld will vary based on your tax bracket. The taxable portion of your tuition benefits will cause a decrease in the amount of your net pay (take-home pay). Please plan accordingly. If you have any questions about how this may affect your paycheck, please contact the Payroll Department at 757-446-6075 or by email at payroll@evms.edu

Students receiving the tuition waiver may still be eligible for federal student aid to cover other educational expenses.  If you are interested in receiving federal loans, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.studentaid.gov and then consult with a Financial Aid Counselor by phone at 757-446-5804 or by email at finaid@evms.edu to determine your eligibility.