A younger physician assistant wearing glasses, white coat and stethoscope, examines patient while holding digital pad

Doctor of Medical Science, DMSc

Advance your career with this degree program designed for working Physician Assistants by leaders in the profession

What sets us apart

The Doctor of Medical Science is a two-year program designed for working physician assistants to attain the culminating degree in their profession. Advance your career with a highly flexible, asynchronous online model.

Physician Assistant in a white coat and wearing glasses with female patient in gown
A blonde female doctor in a white coat speaks to another female doctor, also in a white coat, both seated at a table

Two tracks offering practical skills

The Doctor of Medical Science degree allows students to focus on either an Education or Advanced Clinical Practice track. Students will complete a Capstone Project, learning career-enhancing skills by writing a conference proposal, grant application and publishable article.

Why Choose EVMS

Manageable Courseload

Designed to be completed at any stage in a Physician Assistant's career


Online with asynchronous, semester-long classes in this two-year program

Capstone Project

This culminating project offers career-enhancing experience and practical skills

Take the next step in your Physician Assistant career. Apply to earn your Doctorate in Medical Science.