A student sitting at a table with a professor working on a research project. There's a bulletin board behind them with a timeline of dates.

Medical and Health Professions Education, PhD

Earn your doctoral degree and become an educator, leader and scholar.


A laptop showing a profession giving a lecture.

Become an education researcher and leader, designing, managing, and evaluating health professions education programs. Gain the practical knowledge and skills necessary to tackle major issues facing higher-education leaders.

A group of students wearing masks and face shields standing around a table.

Be part of the next generation of anatomy educators with skills related to contemporary needs, issues and best practices in diverse academic settings. Gain experience in modern anatomy teaching modalities, anatomy lab management, and course directing.

An operating table simulation with two students performing surgery on dummy.

Educate the next generation of healthcare professionals using relevant models and simulations as instructional and assessment tools. Gain knowledge of the business principles and organizational structures required for successful simulation center management, as you train to become a leader in simulation education.

Engage in student research

MHPE students and faculty engage in research that enhances our understanding of health professions education and the diverse backgrounds and perceptions of learners. MHPE students can partner with faculty on long-term research projects related to:

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in the health professions curriculum
  • Pathways to health professions degree
  • Researcher and educator competencies
  • Asynchronous learning communities
  • Burnout, belonging, and resilience of health professions students and educators
  • AI and technology in anatomy education
Camera looks over the shoulder of a MHPE student sitting at a computer monitor