EVMS Technology Transfer transfers the intellectual property developed at EVMS to commercial partners so that the public can benefit from EVMS innovations and inventions.


  1. Stimulate basic and applied research within the education, research and clinical activities of the school and enhance the interdepartmental collaboration in the basic and clinical sciences areas.
  2. Motivate discovery of practical applications of research by rewarding inventors for their inventions.
  3. Evaluate all EVMS and acquired inventions for development, patentability, and licensing potential.
  4. License and facilitate corporate partners in commercializing EVMS technologies and thus availing the public of EVMS inventions.
  5. EVMS and EVMS inventors each receive an equitable share of the financial return for inventions resulting from EVMS activity.
  6. Coordinate and evaluate the use of EVMS inventions in the public interest.

Available technologies 

Technology Transfer Office Informational Flyer