The Reproductive Clinical Science Certificate in Clinical Embryology provides training in the skills used in in-vitro fertilization (IVF), to certify the level of ability in the assessment of parameters of gametes and embryos, build increased competence in the IVF laboratories. This 10-credit hour certificate lasts three semesters starting in the Fall and ending in the Summer of the following year.

This program is ideal if you:

  • Are working in or preparing to work at an IVF center
  • Wish to improve your clinical reproductive medicine knowledge and skills as clinical embryologists, andrologists, physicians and others involved in the practice of assisted reproductive technology (ART).
  • Have plans to study in the Reproductive Clinical Science Master's Program.

This certificate is designed for the broad range of healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of the infertile couple that proceeds to ART. For those new to the field of IVF, they will be better prepared for laboratory work after successfully completing the technology class. Students with a variety of skill levels in some areas will gain exposure to more skills training. The certificate is open to all US and international students.

Internal Transfer Credits: Students taking courses in and successfully completing the Clinical Embryology Certificate may apply to transfer these course credits into the Reproductive Clinical Science Master’s Program. A grade of 'B' or better is required for each transferred course. If accepted into the program, approved internal transfer courses will be included on the student's transcript and will be used to calculate the cumulative GPA for the master’s degree.

Admission and tuition

Learn more about the admission requirements, application process, and the tuition and fees associated with this program.

Course requirements

Course numberNameCredit hoursSemester
RCS 703 Female Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility 3 Fall
RCS 706 Gametes & Embryos 3 Spring
RCS 715 Ethics, Society & ART 1 Spring
RCS 701 Introduction IVF, Laboratory Tech and Skills Development 3 Summer
  Total Credit Hours 10