Courses Offered Spring 2023

January 9 - May 5 

ATC 632: Addictions (3 credits) 

This three-credit elective course provides an overview of the field of Addiction Studies. Topics that will be covered include drugs and society, substance and process addictions, evidence-based best practices for the substance abuse counselor, assessment, the recovery process, addiction and the family, and prevention strategies. This course covers diagnosis and treatment of addictive disorders and includes an overview of the philosophies and evidenced-based best practices, policies, and outcomes of the most generally accepted models of treatment, recovery, relapse prevention, and continuing care for addictions and other substance abuse related problems. Students also gain awareness of the impact of drug abuse on society and an appreciation of the cultural context within which addiction and recovery occurs.

ATC 634: Career Counseling (3 credits) 

This elective course includes the study of theory and process of career counseling. Students will acquire skills to incorporate career development theory into the practice of counseling. Students will be introduced to career assessment tools and occupational methods.


Requirements for admission/registration: 

Complete the GradCAS application at least two (2) weeks before the start of a course or continuing education for credit learning as a non-degree seeking student.

Official transcripts from an accredited university or college documenting a Master's degree in Art Therapy, Counseling, Psychology, or related field are required.

Please contact us at with questions.

Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Art Therapy and Counseling Program also offers the following three stand-alone Graduate Certificates. These certificates target continuing education for alumni and area art therapists based on coursework to meet continuing education standards, fill gaps in education, and engage in the developing literature in the field. 

Graduate Certificate in Cultural Humility (classes begin Fall 2023)

Course Requirements:

  • ATC 659 Cultural Humility (3 credits)
  • ATC 701/702 Applied Cultural Sensitivity in Counseling & Art Psychotherapy (4 credits) (Study Abroad)

Graduate Certificate in Trauma & Neuroscience Informed Art Psychotherapy (classes begin Fall 2023) 

Course Requirements:

  • ATC 687 Trauma & Neuroscience Informed Art Therapy & Counseling (3 credits)

Graduate Certificate in Trauma & Neuroscience Informed Therapy (classes begin Summer 2023)

Course Requirements:

  • ATC 705 Trauma Informed Art Psychotherapy & Counseling (3 credits)

Educational Format

Classes are taught online or on campus in either the fall, spring or summer term. There may be unforeseen circumstances such as low registration numbers and COVID-19 where residential (on campus) delivery mode sections will be moved into an online delivery mode section.

Admissions Requirements and Application Procedure



Tuition will be based on our current per credit hour rate.

The Art Therapy and Counseling Program has been approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) as an approved continuing education provider, ACEP No. 6399.