Fall 2019

AT 632 Addictions (3)

This three-credit elective course provides an overview of the field of Addiction Studies. Topics that will be covered include drugs and society, substance and process addictions, evidence-based best practices for the substance abuse counselor, assessment, the recovery process, addiction and the family, and prevention strategies. This course covers diagnosis and treatment of addictive disorders and includes an overview of the philosophies and evidenced-based best practices, policies, and outcomes of the most generally accepted models of treatment, recovery, relapse prevention, and continuing care for addictions and other substance abuse related problems. Students also gain awareness of the impact of drug abuse on society and an appreciation of the cultural context within which addiction and recovery occurs.

AT 634 Career Counseling (3)

This elective course includes the study of theory and process of career counseling. Students will acquire skills to incorporate career development theory into the practice of counseling. Students will be introduced to career assessment tools and occupational methods.

Courses meet requirements for LPC coursework

Format: Online

Cost: $1,200 each course


Please contact Kiera Dorsey for registation information.  *Course availablity dependent upon enrollment size.


*Courses available for transcript credit, not NBCC credit.