Medical Master's Program

The Eastern Virginia Medical School Medical Master's degree is a one-year pre-professional (post-baccalaureate) master's degree program. The majority of the courses are medical school courses taught by medical school faculty.‌

             Medical Master's students in Anatomy Foundations lab.


Congratulations Medical Master's Class of 2014!

We're very proud to announce that 12.5% of this year's class scored in the top 10th percentile of the NBME (National Board of Medical Examiners) Physiology Subject Exam!


Why EVMS Med Master's?

Since 1995, the EVMS Medical Master's Program has helped 85-90% of our applicants successfully place themselves in the entering classes of allopathic medical schools across the United States. Our Medical Master's Program has a rigorous medical curriculum with help in the non-academic aspects of the MD application and is highly respected by medical schools. We have multiple levels of staff to support, mentor and counsel students in a cooperative learning environment with a cohesive faculty (Award winning professors such as Craig Goodmurphy creator of the “Anatomy Guy” website). We are located in a Health Science Center Campus near a vibrant and compact downtown, major college campus and miles of pristine beaches.

The EVMS Medical Master's Program is offering new programs to better address non-academic aspects of the medical school application process. Our program will specifically address, the medical interview (utilizing the well-established existing strengths of EVMS in standardized patient interviewing and feedback), general knowledge of the health care system, and articulating medical and volunteer activities.  In addition, we will focus on aspects of the patient history and physical with standardized patient feedback, and review of other professions in the health care team. Students will also improve presentation and organization skills through small group directed research and presentations in evidence based medicine cases.  Ample opportunities will also be available for modest involvement in a variety of community service activities.

Things to consider when selecting a post-bac

Applying to medical school is often a multi-year process requiring dedication, perseverance, and a well-conceived application strategy.  While many applicants will be able to gain acceptance to a medical school at the end of their post-bac year, others will require another year and application cycle to complete the process.  Although the main focus of our post-bac program is academic achievement, the cooperative learning environment creates a sense of purpose for this effort.  Community service experiences which foster the sense of patient centered learning and development of a culture of service and excellence to be all we can for our future patients are also very important aspects of the EVMS post-bac experience. The overall quality of the educational experience at EVMS, the moderate climate and abundant recreational/cultural amenities in the Hampton Roads area make this an ideal place to achieve your goals.