Medical Master's Program

The Eastern Virginia Medical School Medical Master's degree is a one or two year special master's program. The majority of the courses are medical school courses taken with first year medical students. This post-baccalaureate program is an academic record enhancing program designed to make students more competitive for allopathic and osteopathic medical schools as well as dental schools. ‌

             Medical Master's students in Anatomy Foundations lab.

 New for Fall 2015!


  • The Medical Master's Program is now offering a new two-year option which will include MCAT Preparation, MPH Courses (to help with MCAT preparation), Physician Shadowing, and Volunteer opportunities. The application is now open. Call for additional information.
  • Starting Fall 2015, students will be taking Immunology with first-year medical students! 6 of 9 courses will be taken with medical students!