Things to consider when selecting a post-baccalaureate program...

Applying to medical school is often a multi-year process requiring dedication, perseverance, and a well-conceived application strategy.  While many applicants will be able to gain acceptance to a medical school at the end of their post-bac year, others will require another year and application cycle to complete the process.  

Why EVMS Med Master's?

Since 1995, the EVMS Medical Master's Program has helped 85-90% of our students successfully place themselves in the entering classes of allopathic medical schools across the United States. Our Medical Master's Program has a rigorous medical curriculum with five of eight courses taken with first-year medical students, offers help in the non-academic aspects of the MD application, and is highly respected by medical schools. We have multiple levels of staff to support, mentor, and counsel students in a cooperative learning environment with a cohesive faculty.


The EVMS Medical Master's Program also offers:

  • Majority of classes are taken with medical students
  • Practice Medical Interviews and Feedback
  • Exposure to Standardized Patients
  • Assistance with Medical School applications
  • Volunteer/Community Service Opportunities
  • Introduction to ultrasound
  • Regional dissection
  • Committee Letter

Unique to our Two-Year Program:

  • Structured clinical opportunities
  • Structured volunteer activities
  • MCAT/DAT test preparation