Shannon McCole

Thank you for your interest in the Ophthalmology Residency Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School Department of Ophthalmology. We hope to provide you an overview of the curriculum and training involved in our program. We seek residents who are committed to pursuits of clinical, surgical, and academic excellence and who are passionate about the field of ophthalmology. Our history demonstrates a successful training program in which graduates have pursued all areas of ophthalmology and have become experts in their fields in academic institutions and private practice. 

Among the major strengths of EVMS's ophthalmology training program is the faculty’s commitment to resident education. Resident training emphasizes patient care, perioperative management, and operative techniques. Advancing these skills leads to optimal patient care and surgical outcomes. Our trainees benefit from a large clinical volume and a wide spectrum of diagnostic exposure in ophthalmology. There is also a firm commitment to keep our residents at the highest level of awareness with regards to changes in the socioeconomic, medicolegal, and the ethical practice of medicine. Residents finish the program with the skills, knowledge and confidence to meet every challenge encountered in the ophthalmologic disciplines. Our residents also finish with a diverse understanding of the career opportunities in the areas of academic medicine, veteran's administration, and private practice business models. Our program has always maintained full ACGME accreditation.

Our residents frequently present at regional and national meetings and have a proven track record of publishing throughout their residency. The effectiveness of our training program can be measured in several different ways. Overall, this program has an amazing record for productivity in academic and private practice. Graduates have ascended to important roles in their respective academic departments, including chairman of departments, subspecialty section chiefs, and regional and national leadership positions. Due to the success of this training program and faculty, there continues to be a guiding influence on the careers of our graduates.

The goal of the EVMS residency program is to provide our graduates with the guidance and expertise to accomplish their career objectives and to foster the passion for ophthalmology which is essential for a successful career.

We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing from our potential future residents.

For further information, feel free to contact me at 757.388.0324.

Warmest regards,

Shannon M. McCole, MD

Chairman - Department of Ophthalmology

Eastern Virginia Medical School