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Maury Howard, Ph.D.
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Prerequisite Checklist

Below are the courses offered through Virginia Wesleyan University that will be accepted towards completing the 8 prerequisites to apply to the EVMS PA program. Only 1 of the acceptable courses listed is required to meet the prerequisite. If multiple courses listed are on the transcript, the course with the highest grade will be used in our review. 

  1. Please note that 7 of 8 prerequisite courses must be completed before the EAP application deadline.
  2. All courses must be completed at Virginia Wesleyan University with a B- or better.
  3. Pre-requisite courses must not be repeated for poor performance.

Note: Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the EVMS Admissions Directors and will not be granted retroactively.

EVMS Prerequisite Acceptable VWU Course(s)
Anatomy or A&P I

BIO 221: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 372: Comparative Anatomy

Physiology or A&P II BIO 222: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 380: Comparative Animal Physiology
General or Intro Chemistry

CHEM 120: Introductory Chemistry

Organic Chemistry 

CHEM 221: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 222: Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 330: Biochemistry

Microbiology (Cell Biology)

BIO 482: Microbiology*
BIO 420: Cell and Molecular Biology*

Introductory Psychology

PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology I
PSY 102: Introduction to Psychology II

Upper Level Psychology course (Lifespan or Developmental)     

PSY 205: Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSY 256: Abnormal Psychology

College Math, Statistics, or Physics

MATH 135: Calculus with Precalculus, Part I
MATH 136: Calculus with Precalculus, Part II
MATH 171: Calculus I
MATH 172: Calculus II
MATH 210: Introductory Statistics
PHYS 221: University Physics I
PHYS 222: University Physics II

*Has prerequisite of BIO 316: Genetics.