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Timeline for Financial Aid


  • All applicants for the upcoming academic year should submit the Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible (if filing a tax return is required, wait until after filing in order to use IRS Data Retrieval Tool)
  • Refunds available for Spring semester for current academic year



  • IRS Data Retrieval Tool available at
  • EVMS Online Financial Aid System opened for upcoming academic year (be sure to change applicable year on screen)
  • Submit other required document(s) to the Office of Financial Aid for next academic year
  • Continue searching for scholarship opportunities
  • February 1:  DEADLINE for budget increases and loan applications for current academic year.  All request must be submitted no later than 1st of February.
  • Federal Exit Interview Required for Student Loan Borrowers of graduates for current academic year -
    • Program of Study:
      • Art Therapy and Counseling
      • Biomedical Research
      • Biomedical Research, Ph.D.
      • Medical Masters
      • Physician Assistant
      • Surgical Assistant



  • March 2: DEADLINE for incoming CEA students to file FAFSA and Online EVMS Financial Aid Application. All applications and forms must be received by this date.
  • March 20:  DEADLINE FOR RETURNING STUDENTS for receipt of FAFSA and Online EVMS Financial Aid Application for upcoming academic year.  If not using IRS Data Retrieval tool, students may be required to submit official federal tax transcript(s) to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • March:  Federal Exit Interview Required for Federal Student Loan Borrowers - MD graduating current academic year.
  • March:  Financial Planning Seminar - "Get Fi$cally Fit"


  • April 20:  DEADLINE FOR NEWLY ACCEPTED STUDENTS (MD or HP) for receipt of FAFSA, Online EVMS Financial Aid Application, and any requested documents. See Application Process.  Do not wait for notice of acceptance from individual programs to file FAFSA.  Complete online application after acceptance.  Students accepted after this deadline should supply all required documents within 10 business days of acceptance.


  • Date to be announced for MPH Federal Exit Interview
  • Refunds prepared for Summer semester
  • Follow up with the Office of Financial Aid on any outstanding required documents or forms for upcoming academic year


  • Upcoming academic year's Tuition and Fees are voted and passed by the EVMS  Board of Visitors
  • Students, who have completed the aid application process, receive Award Notices for the upcoming academic year beginning in June and continuing approximately 30 days prior to each program's start date.  Notices are emailed  to the students' FAFSA email and EVMS email address, if different.


  • Respond accordingly to Award Notices, completing the loan process as needed.  Information to be sent out prior to matriculation.


  • Financial Aid Entrance Interview required of all entering students
  • Tuition & fees due


  • Refunds available for Fall semester
  • January Starts for Physician Assistance complete Financial Aid Application Process.


  • October 1:  DEADLINE TO FILE for PA students first enrolling in January.   Submit the FAFSA as well as Online EVMS Financial Aid Application and any other required documents.
  • Financial Planning - Lunch & Learn session


  • Award Notices emailed to students entering in January. 
  • November 1: ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for continuing students to submit loan applications if additional funds are required for the January tuition due date.


  • REMINDER: Tuition is due in January according to start of classes and loan disbursements are made in early January.
  • Students entering in January should complete loan process as needed.
  • REMINDER:  Office of Financial Aid will be operating on minimal staff between Christmas and New Year's holidays.  Please plan to complete all steps for January aid no later than December 15.