Your online EVMS Financial Aid application provides key information to us for the awarding process. All applications are online via our EVMS Online Financial Aid System, which will normally be available for the next academic year the first week of February each year. 

New students

Since your application is specific for your program (MD, Physician Assistant, Surgical Assisting, etc.), you will not be able to access the system until you receive login credentials to the student portal from the Network Information Center (NIC). New students will receive login credentials from the NIC once they confirm or accept their offer of admission. Once you have credentials from the system, you may enter EVMS Online Financial Aid System. You can find the link on myPortal; It is not available on the public site. You should follow the instructions on the login screen to sign up as a first-time user. (See below)

Once in the EVMS portal:
• Click on Education
• Click on Financial Aid
• Click on “Access the EVMS Online Financial Aid System” or “Financial Aid Online” link

Please make sure your browser is Foxfire or Chrome.
Remember your email address is case sensitive.

We must have your social security number in order to create your financial aid record. You may provide that by completing your FAFSA and including our Title IV Code 010338 or you may fax that number to us at 757.446.7993.

Once we receive your FAFSA results, your financial aid record will automatically be created.  

If you are not using federal loans and wish to be considered for merit-based aid, you may provide your social security number and other needed information to EVMS Financial Aid and your online system will be available once your financial aid record has been established.   

Find detailed information on available scholarships.

Continuing students

You already have access to the EVMS Online Financial Aid System for the current academic year. You will be notified when the online system is opened for the upcoming academic year. Once in the Financial Aid System login. At the top of the screen, change the academic year to the upcoming academic year. Remember, you have the ability to change the academic year. Check the top of the screen to confirm the year's data you are reviewing. You will always have access to the prior year's information.  

Educational plans for Health Professions programs

Students enrolled in any per-credit-hour health professions program (Biomedical Sciences Research master's program, Biotechnology master's program, Master of Public Health program) must file an educational plan for the academic year. The initial plan (including delivery mode) is filed as part of the online application process. We understand that this is early in the enrollment process and plans sometimes change. When that happens, a revised educational plan must be filed in paper form with EVMS Financial Aid.

Use the revised educational plan to advise Financial Aid of changes in your planned enrollment and delivery mode of class (i.e., in the classroom, distance, or a hybrid) for the academic year. Students must update this form throughout the academic year based on any changes to courses, including the method of delivery.

Note: Failure to notify Financial Aid of changes before the beginning of the term may result in delaying the release of funds to Financial Services. Ultimately excess funds to the student will be delayed.   

Need help?

See the EVMS Online Financial Aid System user guide for further instructions.