Protocol for Coordinating Management of COVID Cases with VDH

Last Updated: 08-05-2020

Test results are reported to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) by the ordering provider or his/her designee within 24 hours of receiving those results.

  • Information provided to VDH includes:
    • Name of the person
    • Date of birth
    • Address
    • Contact information (phone number)
    • Name of the lab used to conduct the testing
    • Date when the test was collected
    • Date when results were reported
  • To facilitate contact tracing, additional information will be shared with VDH:
    • Last date at work
    • Date of the symptoms onset
    • Facilities where the person with positive result worked at or attended starting two days prior to symptom onset
    • Living arrangement to facilitate household contact tracing
  • Note is created in the electronic health record of the person with positive result and placed in person’s chart.
  • Person is informed that he/she would be receiving a call from VDH as part of a contact investigation.
  • A permission to use employee’s name for contact tracing among the health care providers within EVMS and other health care facilities will be obtained by notifying physician during the call informing an employee about positive results and shared with the Department of Health.4

Download the EVMS Protocol for Coordinating Management of COVID Cases with VDH.