EVMS' Sponsored Program offers students, faculty and staff access to materials explaining submissions, approvals, budget and overall services provided by our office.


EVMS Sub Commitment Form - any organization planning to enter into a collaborative subrecipient relationship with EVMS.

Proposal Approval Form - a disclosure of external financial and time commitment form. This is required to be on file with EVMS Research. 


Sponsored Programs Brochure‌‌ - learn more about who works in our office, what our office does, and what to submit and when. 

Proposal Checklist‌ - track progress and notes for proposed submissions.

Sample Budget Justification - learn about salaries, personnel, benefits, equipment and various budget information. 

Facilities and Administrative Rate Agreement - document to show the original copy of facilities and administrative cost Rate Agreement are enclosed.

Federal Whistleblower Pilot Program - learn about the provided whistleblower protection for employees working as contractors, subcontractors, or grantees on a federal grant.

National Institutes of Health Budget Information

NIH Grant Budget - summary of information regarding NIH grants.

NIH Modular Grant Budget - submission form for NIH grants are $250,000 or less.