Seeking new understanding of chronic back pain

3d rendered illustration of a man having backache

Chronic back pain is a serious medical condition that has been ranked among the most common reasons for patient visits to physicians, and its estimated cost in the United States is over $100 billion each year.

It can be caused by various factors including intervertebral disc disease, facet joint osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, muscle fatigue, and radiculopathy; however, details of the molecular mechanisms responsible for chronic back pain and fully effective treatments remain elusive.  

CINID’s goal is to examine neuroimmune pathways and uncover neuroimmune-related molecules that may provide improved understanding and treatment of chronic back pain.

Working Group

This research study is supported by the Kirk Family Research Fund, which was generously established by Dr. Arthur A. Kirk, who was the first orthopedic surgeon in Portsmouth, VA. This fund supports research on chronic back pain, with a focus on identifying pain generators.