The sentiments below are direct quotes from resident graduate exit interviews and surveys.

What do you value most about the CHKD Residency program?

  • “their dedication to my personal success”
  • “supportive faculty and staff”
  • “autonomy of patient care”
  • “the people – residents, faculty, staff, program leadership”
  • “plenty of hands-on patient exposure”
  • “the family atmosphere”
  • “the learning experience and education we gain as a result of less fellows”

What graduates say about our program?

“This program's commitment to its residents is unbelievable. I appreciate that they operate like a "family" and that our administration and attendings care about us (the residents) as people. I strongly believe that we work as hard in this program as any residency program, but we are very well supported - through dinners, social events, retreat, and personal interactions - more than any other residents I know. I am very grateful to be in a program that values the well-being of its residents.”

“I love the family atmosphere CHKD cultivates and the program’s willingness to make changes (and willingness to return to the previous way if it doesn’t work out).  As a result, residents genuinely feel they, along with their feedback, are valued.”

“Looking back, I’m thankful for the autonomy, especially from attendings who instilled a stepwise graduated approach to developing a plan; moreover, the opportunity to perform procedures was a tremendous benefit, especially having spoken with friends in other pediatric programs that don’t feel prepared post-graduation.”

“CHKD residents receive lots of support along with good teaching on how to take their ideas for change and put them into practice.”

“I’m still impressed by how interested people were with my education and me as a person, not to mention the number of people who spend time teaching.  CHKD has prepared me to be successful Board certified pediatrician.”

“Conferences are really good – instructional and interactive.  I especially found the attendings’ ability to connect topics to specific cases/patients extremely enlightening.”

“The autonomy provided made me so glad I came here for residency.  It was the best 3 years of my life!”

“Talking now with people from other institutions, there are lots of things their residents can’t do and our residents have those experiences (procedures, deliveries, etc) because of the autonomy provided.   I always felt we had adequate supervision and backup.”

“I leave feeling fully prepared and as if there are colleagues to contact if I ever have any concerns.”

“All of the support and ‘extras’ (free food, massage days, retreats with the entire program, snacks/coffee) really made a difference in overall morale and satisfaction.”

“The annual residency retreat is super special – a chance for you and your family to get to know co-residents, program leadership and their families.  This was especially helpful in team-building and cementing life-long relationships.”