2021 PedRes Diversity Committee Summer Group Photo

Our program is committed to promoting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) residency experience that delivers the best socially effective care to our community. We are dedicated to ensuring that our residents are from diverse races, ethnicity and socioeconomic statuses to mirror the community we serve. We aim to foster an inclusive program that treats every person with dignity and respect. We strive to provide the necessary resources and prospects, fairly and equally to all our residents and medical students, to accomplish these goals.

EVMS and CHKD Underrepresented in Medicine (URM) Pediatric Visiting Rotation

We are excited to invite you to apply for a funded 4th year visiting medical student position so that you can experience all that a freestanding children’s hospital can offer.  We strive to attract residents and faculty from diverse backgrounds and experiences to drive our collective commitment to excellence. As such, these positions are available to qualified applicants from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in medicine.

Rotation Information:

  • Rotations run from August through January
  • Funds up to $2500 to cover travel, food, housing, and other expenses
  • Acting internships and elective experiences are available
  • Selected students are guaranteed an interview for our residency
  • Application deadline is July 31, 2023, however positions are offered on a rolling basis


  • Apply and complete the EVMS PED-URM elective application through VSLO
  • Brief statement of interest in Pediatrics and as an URM, how this opportunity would benefit you
  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can attest to the applicant’s interest in Pediatrics

Selections will be considered based on holistic approach and availability of open acting internships and elective spaces between August and January.

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Pediatric DEI Committee

Our residents and program leaders have joined together to form a committee dedicated to the continued enrichment of diverisity, equity, and inclusion in our program. The collaboration aims to educate on socioeconomic and racial disparities and promote health equity in the community. Our committee focuses on education, mentorship, recruitment, LGBTQIA+, and community engagement.

  • Incorporate education on racial disparities in primary care reports
  • Quality Improvement Projects:
    • "What Do You MEAN?" – Scenario-based small group discussions emphasizing mindfulness, discussing bias, and building skills for encountering micro-aggressions within the health care setting.
    •  “TAKE ACTION” – Using a visual aid to promote discussion to encourage diversity and acknowledge microaggressions.
    • Limited English Proficiency (LEP) QI – improve quality and equity of care for our Spanish speaking patient population by the introduction of the LEP form, a method of tracking appropriate interpreter use. Ensured all patient education, depart instructions, prescription information, and anticipatory guidance is available in Spanish.
  • Diversity Lecture Series - Inclusive Excellence in Medicine
    • 1. Race, Ethnicity and Culture: Key Terminology and Language
    • 2. Cultivating Courageous Conversations: “Care-frontation- How do I say what I mean, mean what I say?”
    • 3. How to be an Anti-Racist: Key Lessons, Goals and Actions
    • 4. Addressing Microaggressions: Disarming Individual and Systemic Bias
    • 5. Advancing Allyship, Inclusion and creating safe spaces
    • 6. Creating a climate of inclusivity: Embracing Authenticity and Uniqueness within Diversity
    • 7. Addressing Healthcare Inequities and social determinants of health: Moving from Inequity to Equity

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  • Diversity Dinners throughout the year for networking and provide opportunities for residents to network with mentors in their area of interest

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  • Diversity Happy Hour during interview season to ask questions and speak with residents in a more casual setting.
  • For the 2022-2023 Recruitment Season, Diversity Happy Hours are on:
    • October 26
    • November 9
    • November 30
    • December 14
    • January 11

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  • We are focused on promoting education, advocacy, and visual improvement for LGBTQIA+ youth. With the support of our faculty and program leaders, our resident-led committee and affiliate allies aim to create a safe environment for our LGBTQIA+ patients and families, while improving patients’ overall experience at our clinical sites.
  • Current project: Improving Visibility of LGBTQIA+ Support and Resource Availability Awareness in Pediatric Residents

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  • Reach Out and Read Program – Age-appropriate books are given to patients during the well-child visit to build a home library to share with family and friends. Families are counseled on how to use books to support the healthy development of children.
  • Leyendo Juntos – resident champions promote literacy for our Spanish-speaking community in this reading program.
  • Working with children in the community to promote health and literacy through local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club.

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