Consortium for Infant and Child Health (CINCH)Consortium for Infant and Child Health logo

CINCH is a dynamic regional coalition of partners working to improve children's health in Hampton Roads. Together, we use our collective knowledge, skills and resources to develop effective community-based solutions to meet the health needs of children and their families. Learn more about CINCH and join us at our next meeting.

Faculty leads: Amy Paulson, MPH; Sara Rothenberg, MPH

Eastern Shore Health Communities logoEastern Shore Healthy Communities (ESHC)

This multi-sector community partnership addresses population and community-level physical, mental and behavioral health and well-being through its mission to create an accountable and connected community. Partners envision a growing, positive sense of health, well-being and self-empowerment. Emphasis is placed on better birth outcomes, senior well-being and longevity, food access and equity, reducing poverty and increasing resiliency, diversity, equity and inclusion. A strategic plan created by 7 work groups guides the partnership’s work and an annual report tracks progress and provides partnership accountability.

Faculty lead: Patti Kiger, MEd

Minus 9 to 5

Minus 9 to 5 logoMinus 9 to 5 is a network of cross-sector stakeholders from education, medical, childcare, business, nonprofit, philanthropic and local and state government sectors. Together, we are committed to creating an impact for children and their families from conception to kindergarten. Ensuring that each family in Hampton Roads will be equipped and supported to raise children who are healthy, thriving and ready to learn is our vision. By aligning and coordinating the many programs and services that serve young children and their families, Minus 9 to 5 unites a variety of community stakeholders dedicated to improving the lives of our region’s youngest residents and their families. Learn more about Minus 9 to 5 and get involved.

Faculty leads: Jane Elyce Glasgow, PhD; Beth Parker, MSEd