Podiatry Residency

Master podiatric medicine and surgery and treat patients with a holistic approach in our Podiatry Residency.

What sets us apart?

Our residents are competent and caring podiatrists who help patients stay active and on their feet.

Trainees gain experience in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders of the lower extremity. Podiatry residents also become experts in preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative assessment and management in several areas of podiatric surgery. 

See yourself in Hampton Roads

The Hampton Roads region that we serve is a vibrant community with 1.7 million residents scattered across nine cities and five counties in southeastern coastal Virginia.

Miles of waterfront, historical and cultural attractions, parks and outdoor recreation areas, lively nightlife, seasonal festivals and family-friendly entertainment make it clear that there's something for everyone here in Hampton Roads.

We know life happens, and we want you to be covered when it does. That’s why we offer competitive benefits packages for our residents and fellows.

A supportive environment

Work-life balance is important during your residency, and we are committed to supporting our residents throughout their time with us. Through the Wellness Works program, our residents and fellows receive the same wellness resources as our faculty and staff.

In addition, our Resident Wellness program for residents and fellows gives you access to support groups, after-hours counseling services, running clubs, leadership coaching and more.

Residents meet at orientation