Our fellowship includes a weekly lecture and journal conference alongside clinical rotations. Fellows will complete the program over a six-month period from July to December.

Lecture and Journal Conference

The backbone of this segment of the fellowship is a two-hour weekly pediatric urgent care conference. During this time, topics pertaining to the clinical practice of urgent care pediatrics will be covered in a traditional lecture format. Attendance and participation at this weekly academic conference is mandatory. Time will be allotted for this educational activity during all specialty rotations. 

  • Certification courses: Fellows become certified in pediatric advanced life support (PALS) during orientation week.
  • Journal club: Fellows learn evidence-based medicine and best-practice models, which are taught in a journal club format.
  • Exams: Fellows must pass several exams throughout the fellowship.
  • Simulation medicine: Fellows participate in multiple simulation educational modules.

Additional educational assignments will be required throughout the fellowship, which may include attendance at the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship educational conference. 

Clinical Education

Each clinical rotation has associated with it a set of curriculum objectives, reading assignments and a post-rotation exam to document mastery of the required material. Rotations include:

  • Pediatric urgent care: 3 months
  • Pediatric emergency medicine (Level 1 Trauma Center): 1 month
  • Pediatric orthopedics: 2 weeks
  • Pediatric dermatology: 2 weeks
  • Pediatric sports medicine: 2 weeks