There are many different types of post-baccalaureate programs across the country that can help prepare students to matriculate into medical school. Our program is an academic record-enhancing program designed for students who need to show medical schools that they can handle the rigor of medical school despite their undergraduate GPA. The program is also appropriate for career changers and non-science majors who have already taken the MD prerequisite courses.

Since 1995, the EVMS Medical Master's program has helped 65% to 94% of our students successfully place themselves in the entering classes of allopathic and osteopathic medical schools across the nation.  Please note:  the percentages below are running totals, not first-year numbers.  For example, the Class of 2020 percentage includes those who were accepted directly after the program as well as the following 3 years.

Graduating Year  Current Acceptance Rate into MD or DO School
2020 95%
2021 92%
2022 87%
2023 71%

Our program offers a rigorous medical curriculum, with four courses taken with first-year medical students, and help with the non-academic aspects of the MD application. The EVMS Med Master's program is highly respected by medical schools. We have multiple levels of staff to support, mentor and counsel students in a cooperative learning environment with a cohesive faculty.

The EVMS Medical Master's program offers:

  • Personalized review and suggestions for all applicants before admissions committee review
  • Majority of classes are taken with medical students
  • Practice medical interviews and feedback
  • Multiple sessions with standardized patients
  • Assistance with medical school applications
  • Volunteer/community service opportunities
  • Program letter of recommendation from faculty advisor 
  • A 'Big Sib' program that pairs a MM graduate/first-year medical student mentor with each incoming student
  • Support for diversity and inclusivity within the student body
  • Guaranteed interviews with VCOM, WVSOM, & Liberty if certain benchmarks are met

Unique to our two-year program:

  • Structured community engaged learning activities
  • MCAT test preparation
  • Summer research opportunities

Applying to medical school is often a multi-year process requiring dedication, perseverance and a well-conceived application strategy. While many applicants will be able to gain acceptance to a medical school at the end of their post-bac year, others will require another year and application cycle to complete the process.