The mission of the joint Graduate Program in Public Health at EVMS and ODU is to train students in order to equip them with vibrant and dynamic public health knowledge and skills for serving health needs of populations and for improving the public’s health.


The program fully supports Eastern Virginia Medical School’s institutional vision to become the nation’s most community-oriented school of medicine and health professions. Our MPH degree will help:

Lead in public health research; reach out and cooperate with healthcare providers and centers of learning in Hampton Roads; create top-notch professionals who want to remain and practice in the area; and assure that the faculty and students reflect the cultural diversity of the Hampton Roads community and participate in serving its people.


  • We believe that students are our first priority.
  • We believe that critical application of learning is a lifelong commitment.
  • We believe in providing students with the tools for understanding and evaluating ethical conflicts in medicine and public health and in nurturing their individual development as ethical practitioners.
  • We believe that the health of individuals and populations can be improved through application of the principles of disease and injury prevention and health promotion.
  • We believe that individuals who have skills and knowledge in the basic principles of public health can contribute to and provide leadership for the improvement of the public’s health.
  • We believe that partnerships between the academic community and practicing public health professionals can enhance the education of students and the practice of public health.
  • We believe that public health research should be based upon sound scientific principles and should meet identified needs of the community.
  • We believe in being honest, fair and ethical in all that we do, including recruiting students, faculty and staff, and in teaching, research and service.
  • We recognize and respect the diversity of individuals, both in their backgrounds and their needs.
  • We believe in being accountable to the constituencies that support our program: Students, alumni, community partners, faculty and staff, institutional administration and funding agencies.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide instructional programs to students and local/regional health practitioners that enhance their ability to develop, promote and strengthen public health practices in Hampton Roads.
  • To ensure that all MPH program graduates can demonstrate knowledge and skill in the core areas of public health.
  • To prepare students to practice successfully in diverse health service, academic and research settings.
  • To offer opportunities for faculty and students to develop and participate in research targeted towards improving the public’s health, encourage the faculty to provide expertise in leadership and services to public health agencies and enhance public health practice on a local, regional and national basis.
  • To collaborate and consult with community agencies and other organizations that are committed to improving the public’s health.
  • To evaluate, assess and improve continuously the education, research and service activities of the MPH program.