Art Therapy & Counseling Program FAQs

I'm confused about an art therapy & counseling program at a medical school. Please explain.

The Graduate Art Therapy Program is one of several School of Health Professions programs at the medical school. The M.D. program enrolls approximately 120 students each year and a larger number of students enroll in the various Health Professions programs. The school is committed to the concept of teamwork among health-care providers rather than entirely physician-centered health care.

Do I have to qualify for admission to medical school?

The admissions requirements for the Graduate Art Therapy & Counseling Program are entirely separate from admissions requirements for the other programs at the medical school, which vary according to the degree being sought (e.g., MD, MPH, MPA, etc.).

Can I work while attending the program?

The demands of the program make it difficult for students to work, although a few students have been able to find part-time jobs with enough flexibility in hours (such as waiting tables) so that their schoolwork is not compromised.

Are there scholarships available?

EVMS has almost no scholarship money available, so most financial aid is in the form of loans. Scholarships can, of course, be sought from outside sources.

Where do graduates find jobs?

Approximately half of each graduating class remains in the Hampton Roads area, where graduates find jobs at mental health facilities, shelters, detention centers, community services boards, and the like. Those who are willing to relocate often move in pursuit of a particular job with a particular age group.

Does the school provide housing?

No, EVMS does not provide housing. The student portal on the EVMS Web site lists rentals and sometimes students find apartments that way.

Will I need a car?

Yes. Public transportation in Hampton Roads is inadequate.

Do I have to find my own internship?

No. We have a wealth of internship opportunities available, although we encourage students with particular interests to discuss with us the possibilities of new sites.

Will I have my summer free between the two years?

Almost. Students are required to complete their research proposals for their thesis during the interim summer. This is a one-credit required course. Faculty are willing to assist via e-mail and/or in person. There are also elective courses available in the summer, with permission from the Program Director.

Will I have time to make my own art?

You will be making quite a lot of art within the context of the program: in Processes and Materials class, sometimes in other classes, for class assignments, and as special projects. In addition, you will be required to keep a visual journal throughout the program.