Update to the program

The EVMS Master of Contemporary Human Anatomy program is now the EVMS Master of Anatomical Sciences

The change reflects an effort to more accurately capture the comprehensive nature of this degree program and also moves EVMS in line with the most current naming conventions in the field.


Our mission is to engage students in innovative way of learning anatomical sciences by mixing classical dissection, with modern techniques such as 3D imaging through ultrasound, CT scans, and plastination in the environment that fosters problem-solving and critical thinking skills as well as clinical applications. Our graduates gain expertise in basic medical sciences, teaching and research experience so they are well prepare to a career of educators in postsecondary education, researchers in the human anatomical sciences or to further their training to advanced degrees. 


Goals of the Anatomical Sciences program are to develop in graduates:

  1. Mastery of the anatomical sciences including imaging
  2. Effective communication and teaching in the field of anatomy and related sciences
  3. Professional attitudes
  4. Critical thinking skills