Upon completion of this program, the trainee will demonstrate the following:

  1. Understand the expectations of the role of the teacher in the medical setting.
  2. Apply effective feedback principles with learners.
  3. Create teaching opportunities with clinical/patient cases.
  4. Develop methods for teaching professionalism  specific to ones specialty. 

Study (readings, lectures, and videos)

Each module will have a PowerPoint presentation for you to print and read. The PowerPoints within each module also have a video podcast for you to review.


A "reflection" assignment is attached to each module. On your honor, you are to review the reflections presented on the hand out. The reflections are designed to help you review the main points of the presentation and guide your own self-awareness as a teacher. You are not required to submit this assignment, but it is anticipated that you will take part in the activity. 

After you complete all four modules, remember to complete the attestation statement.

Start Here: Introduction PowerPoint Presentation

Module 1: Interns/Residents/Fellows as Teachers

Module 2: Feedback on the Fly

Module 3: Teaching While Admitting a New Patient

Module 4: Teaching Professionalism