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Repaying Your Student Loans

Understand Your Responsibility

Whenever you use loan funds to pay for education, you are required to repay them according to the terms set forth in your master promissory note or MPN.  Even if you are not happy with or did not complete your education, you must repay any loan funds.  Always read all communications from your federal loan servicer(s).  If you do not understand something, visit the Office of Financial Aid for help (be sure to bring the correspondence with you). 

If you do not know which servicer(s) hold your loan(s), you can visit the National Student Loan Data System or NSLDS.  Use your FSA User ID & password  to gain access to your record there.  Your record lists all of the Title IV federal loans, including Perkins, you have received during your education.  If you click on the number at the beginning of each line, you can learn more about each loan, including status, servicer, outstanding principal balance, and unpaid interest.  Do note that this information can be as much as 40 days old (see "as of" date).  To see current information you must visit each servicer.  Be sure to check each loan with an outstanding balance as sometimes your servicers may be different.

Create log in and passwords for each servicer to gain access to your up to date information.  Sign up for electronic communication so that your servicer can contact you via email.  You can also handle most required notices via their websites.  Remember you must notify them when ever you change:

  • enrollment status to less than half time
  • your address
  • your name
  • your employer

For information about your responsibilities, visit