Financial Planning - In School and Beyond

Financial Planning - Start Now!

Start with a well crafted budget for your living expenses.  To complete your program with the least amount of debt, you have been applying for scholarships and searching for other resources to help.  Another key area is having a tight budget while you are in school.  By avoiding needless expenses in the first place, you require less funds to cover your cost of attendance.  How are you going to allow for unexpected expenses?

You also need to know the impact of credit on your life.  Used wisely, it can be a great tool to help you grow your future; used carelessly, it can enslave your life.  What do you know about how your choices of credit are viewed on your credit report?  How will education loans and repayment impact your future credit? 

As you are moving from enrolled student to EVMS alumni, learn how to handle your educational debt.  What is the best repayment plan for you?  Can you pay off your loans more quickly and save interest?  What key steps can you take as you are moving forward with life to avoid the pitfalls of loan delinquency or default? 

Financial planning is not something you do once in your life and move forward.  Planning requires active and fluid participation on your part as your life unfolds. 

Know where to go to learn more about resources and tools to help you through this process.  Start with the Office of Financial Aid, but there are also many free tools and classes to help!