The program will help professionals interested in career advancement or possibly a career change. The curriculum includes theory and applied learning to prepare individuals to serve as scholarly and effective change agents in their institution. This program should be especially valuable for persons in mid-level or senior management positions in healthcare organizations.

The DHSc is an applied professional doctorate, whereas most PhD programs are designed to train researchers. The academic rigor is very high and comparable in both types of programs. The DHSc program will not require students to complete a dissertation.

There is no accrediting body for DHSc programs. However, EVMS is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Learn more about the institution's accreditation.

Yes, this program is explicitly designed to allow students to complete all courses and assignments online and from a distance. Courses will be delivered predominantly via asynchronous instruction so students can access material and complete assignments at times most convenient for them. Upon completion of all degree requirements, students are strongly encouraged to attend commencement activities if possible.

The courses are structured to be completed as depicted in the course sequence. The fall and spring semesters will consist of two 3 credit courses, whereas summer semesters have only one 3 credit course. Students who want to take courses out of sequence must be advised on a case by case basis.  

Federal Financial Aid is possible for U.S. citizens. EVMS Financial Aid can provide additional guidance.

Students taking 6 credits are considered full-time. Students taking 3 credits are considered half-time.

External Transfer Credits

Requests to transfer graduate credits from another accredited US or Canadian institution will be considered on an individual basis after students are admitted to the DHSc Program.

A student may transfer up to 12 graduate credit hours, if all of the following conditions hold:

  • Graduate course credits were completed at an accredited US or Canadian institution and reflected on an official transcript.
  • Transfers can feasibly occur within the seven-year matriculation limit of this DHSc Program.
  • The grade earned is a ‘B’ or better.
  • The transfer course is approved by the DHSc Program.

All transfer requests must be made no later than the end of the first semester of the DHSc Program. Students requesting graduate credits to be transferred into the DHSc Program must submit a copy of the syllabus for the course and a Transfer Approval Request Form to the Program Director, who will consult with teaching faculty as appropriate. The Program Director will communicate approval decisions to the student via the Transfer Approval Request Form.

DHSC 903 Leading Innovation is a capstone course and is not eligible for transfer credit.

Approved transfer grades are included on a DHSc student’s transcript; however, transfer grades are not included in semester or cumulative GPA calculations.

Internal Transfer Credits

Non-degree-seeking students taking courses in the DHSc Program may transfer up to 15 internal credit hours. A grade of ‘B’ or better is required for each transferred course.

Non-degree-seeking students who apply to matriculate into the DHSc Program may be granted admission for the fall, spring, or summer terms. In those cases, non-degree-seeking students must meet all admission requirements for matriculating students.

Approved internal grades will be included on a DHSc student’s transcripts, and will be included in cumulative GPA calculations.