1. Arrive early and check in with the media specialist. All of our programs begin promptly. For televised grand rounds, our media specialist will cue you to begin.
  2. Please bring your presentation on a flash drive that is PC-compatible and give to the media specialist when you arrive (or send it in advance).
    • Please note that the EVMS computer must be used; we will not be able to accommodate your personal computer with the appropriate firewalls and video-streamed software.
  3. Face your audience instead of the presentation screen.
  4. Speak normally and directly into the microphone. Please stay close to the lectern for the camera.
  5. We suggest not using a laser pointer as this cannot be visualized to our televised audience. 
    • We suggest using the mouse on the computer instead.
    • If you use a laser pointer, use it sparingly and directly (no circles, etc).  
  6. Repeat any questions from the audience. This allows the live and viewing audience to link answers to the questions.
  7. Slide tips:
    • If you place your slide on a sheet of paper and lay it on the floor, can you read it when you’re standing up? If not, it will not be readable to your viewing audience.
    • Avoid underlining text, writing in all caps or using all bold text.
    • Yellow print on a blue or black background is one of the easiest color combinations to read, but any high contrast color combinations will work as well.
  8. If technical difficulties arise, the production staff will take care of it. Continue your presentation unless you are unable to do so and then ask the media specialist for assistance.
  9. Dress tips:
    • Solid colors (deep or pastel) are best. Cameras have difficulty with certain colors or patterns. 
    • Avoid the color red (which bleeds), shiny jewelry (which can cause a glare), small or horizontal stripes, dots, checks, herringbone, plaids or very busy patterns.
  10. Handouts must be sent to distance sites in advance and printed in advance for live participants. Your assistance in getting them to EVMS CME early is greatly appreciated. Please use the Send It instructions provided by the CME coordinator.
  11. All presentations should abide by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education standards of commercial support:
    • Product-promotion material or product-specific advertisement of any type (commercial company-created slides, logos, brand names and/or materials) cannot be used in the CME activity.
    • Presentations must give a balanced view of therapeutic options.
    • Products/services must be referred to by the generic name to ensure impartiality.
    • Commercial companies should not provide slides or data for your presentation.
  12. Confidentiality of patients is to be maintained in all communication (to abide by HIPAA laws).